How Much Do Vehicle Graphics Cost?

Posted on June 10, 2016

When considering vehicle graphics for your cars, delivery or service vans, trucks or trailers as a means by which to promote your business, consider that cost is largely determined by size. Ready-to-apply cut vinyl numerals and letters are the easiest way to add your name and phone number to your vehicle. A custom-designed decal in the shape of your logo is another relatively low-cost option.

Vehicle Wrap Priced By Square Footage

High end vehicle wraps are often priced by square footage, making some vehicles more costly, but also more effective.

Much more eye-catching, partial and full vehicle wraps in vinyl that cover a significant portion (or all) of your car or truck are priced commensurate to the oversize impact, with costs often quoted in square feet of coverage. But it would be wrong to evaluate costs for vehicle graphics solely on your initial dollar outlay. Consider:

  • Alternative costs: Vehicle lettering and decals as well as partial or full wraps are priced considerably less that the custom painting or hand lettering that they replicate!
  • Promotional value: Whatever the price, many marketers consider vehicle graphics a bargain. Mobile advertising reaches consumers at a lower cost-per-thousand impressions than any other form of out-of-home advertising, reports the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.
  • Long-lasting payoffs: Today’s vehicle wraps are produced in vinyl so rugged that they’re likely to work for up to 10 years, which is longer than most businesses keep their cars, trucks or trailers! (Luckily, wraps are also readily removable, in addition to their ability to go the extra mile!)

One more word of caution: If you focus solely on out-of-pocket costs for your vehicle wrap, you may be out of luck! Before proceeding, consider too that it can be ultimately more expensive to wrap your vehicle in an inferior vinyl, with a slipshod application or in a poor design.

To avoid these potential pitfalls, ask to see the signage company’s vehicle graphics portfolio. Request the names of satisfied customers. Inquire as to the brands of wraps they use; 3M for example, is an industry leader. And pay attention to their graphic design successes—or lack thereof!

Given the important role that vehicle graphics can play in promoting your business—and the length of you’ll have to live with them—it pays to do wraps right!

Ready to give vehicle wraps the green light? Rely on Signs By Tomorrow

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