Jumpstart Your Summer Business With An Outdoor Banner!

Posted on April 29, 2016

In this fast-paced, digital world, online and mobile marketing get a lot of attention from marketers. But if you want to gain the attention of those who matter most to you – your customers – oftentimes a good, old-fashioned sign can be your best bet!

In fact, over one half of small-business owners find in-store signage and graphics effective in attracting customers, according to the results of a nationwide survey commissioned by a major retailer.

Signage has a significant and positive effect on impulse shoppers, too. A major electronics chain discovered that about 17 percent of its customers were those who did not originally intend to stop but did so specifically because they saw a sign.

Good news? There may be no better time than now to capitalize on these findings! Americans drive on average 16% more during the summer months, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Of course, one of the most cost-effective ways to take advantage of this trend is with an outdoor banner.

Three important principles to keep in mind when designing banners

  1. Brand through selective colors. The choice of hues plays a huge role in a well-designed banner, often conveying a brand’s unique identity. Think of Coca-Cola’s familiar red, or the golden arches of McDonald’s. But take care if considering a shade that’s trendy. Often what’s current now will be out-of-style soon.
  1. Employ contrast for readability. Your banner’s contrast will influence its readability. Most will include either text or graphics in the foreground, with a continuous background color. The contrast between these two elements is critical to your target’s retention of the content. A common solution? Dark colored text and graphics on a light background.
  1. Think big for better visibility. The larger the lettering, the easier it is to read. This is especially important if you expect approaching motorists to see, slow down and turn into your parking lot in response to your roadside or building-side banners. A common rule of thumb is 10 feet of readability per inch of letter height, meaning letters 10 inches tall may have the best impact when seen from 100 feet away.

Need expert assistance with banners? Rely on Signs By Tomorrow

As one of the industry’s first custom sign and graphics companies, we’re experienced at creating high-quality indoor and outdoor solutions that are affordable to businesses of all sizes. Our solutions extend, of course, to banners that capture the attention – and business – of summertime shoppers.

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